making cushions!

So this week is vacation week! YAY

I have spent the best part of this week hanging out with my sister and my daughter Rosie or helping my mom in her new place (I will post photos!)

My sister is also redecorating and that gave me the idea of making her some custom throw pillow covers.

Here is the process:

I started with blank IKEA Gurli pillow covers...  At 4.99 a pop, it is certainly worth not making them myself (i.e never get it done...)

These are my scribbled sketches!

I cut up a piece of foam with a plastic liner used for installing laminate flooring and placed it inside the pillow to avoid bleeding through to the other side.

I also taped the edges to get a clean look.  I used regular latex paint and some tri-art acrylic paint for the red.

These are the looks so far.  This was super fun to do and quick, all done during Rosie's nap time!!

xox Manuela